Agri View: Honeybee Update

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honeybeeEverett Griner talks about the honeybee battle still being fought in today’s Agri View.

Well, it has been a dozen years or more since the United States faced that series of problems that threatened to destroy our humanshoneybee industry. Scientists have still not solved the problem, but, they have found a lot of things that have helped. One effort is to breed a stronger, healthier bee that can survive elements that started all of this problem.

I don’t get many of the details, but I do get frequent dispatches on the progress and what is being done to end the purge. Now, most of my information comes from California because that is where with so farmers with so many different crops depend on bees to pollinate those crops.

You have to remember now. The bees need the crops just as much as the crops need the bees. It is an amazing story. And, one that isn’t likely to end this year.

One grower put it this way. “If you eat, you should be interested.”

Well, I guess that says it all.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…