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Agri View: Honeybee Research Continuing

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honeybee researchEverett Griner talks about honeybee research in today’s Agri View. Everett discusses a grant researchers have received to study the Varroa mite problem.


The deadly parasitic Varroa mite on the back of this honey bee is one of many insect pests that sugar esters may be useful in controlling. Sucrose octanoate, a sugar ester, can kill the mite without harming the bee.
USDA photo by Scott Bauer

I hadn’t had an update on the honeybee problem in a month or so now. I got one yesterday. Researchers have received a substantial grant to cover part of the cost to study the Varroa mite. This isn’t new. It is more funds to keep the research going.

You see, the Varroa mite was the biggest problem bee farmers had until CCD showed up. If I understand it right, the recently received grant will be used to find ways to kill the Varroa mite. The pest spreads rapidly and can wipe out a colony of bees in a very short time. Mites are one of the most widespread problems in the whole bee industry.

It will take time. It always does.

The present study will bring several groups together to study the Varroa mite problem. That is about as much as it can do.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…