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Agri View: Hard Choices

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hard choices
Everett Griner talks about why farmers are facing hard choices for their upcoming crops in today’s Agri View.

Hard Choices

You know not everybody stops to think that we would be facing a shortage of food right now if were not for migrant farm workers.

So more than a few farmers are concerned about the incoming administration.

Even now there are parts of our country where labor shortages have had an impact on harvesting. Now, as planting season approaches, farmers are, in some places, are already trying to line up adequate help to get in a crop and get it cultivated for 2017.

How long will it be before the administration sets it’s boundaries for migrant workers?

Some already foresee a force of legal migrants as inadequate.

So, how is a farmers supposed to decide what crop, and how much to plant for 2017?

Well, he has to decide now because spring isn’t that far away.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.

Image Credit: (Top left) Salinas, California, USA – June 19, 2015: Immigrant (migrant) seasonal farm (field) workers pick and package strawberries directly into boxes in the Salinas Valley of central California.
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(Bottom right) Salinas, California, USA – March 30, 2016: Migrant seasonal farm workers harvest (cut and pack) heads of cauliflower, using a unique conveyor belt system, directly in fields, ready for global shipping.
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Editorial Credit: David Litman / Shutterstock.com