Agri View: Growing Industrial Hemp

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industrial hempEverett Griner talks about North Carolina farmers planning to grow industrial hemp in today’s Agri View.

Growing Industrial Hemp

Well, everything seems to be in place for farmers in North Carolina to grow industrial hemp. It took time and involved more than just farmers. A lot of the effort was just getting

potential growers on the same page as the law enforcement officials. Now, it is too lengthy and too complicated to try to explain. But, hemp has some of the same characteristics as marijuana. That is the tricky part. But hemp can, and is, used for a number of commercial and industrial products. And, it is obviously offering a good foundation for a good profit. But, my information did not delve into why North Carolina farmers want to grow hemp. You don’t just plant the land. They grow hemp commercially in a couple of Canadian provinces. But, there are things a farmer has to know before he can get involved in growing hemp. Now, don’t expect this North Carolina effort to expand graciously. Just stay tuned.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…