Agri View: Growing The Avalon Pecan

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Avalon Pecan nut
Everett Griner talks about a new pecan variety going on sale in today’s Agri View.

The Avalon Pecan

There is a lot of interest in that new pecan variety I mentioned a few days ago. Seedlings will go on sale for the first time this spring. Here is why buyers are anxious. It is a big nut. That makes it easy to hull. It is a high quality nut. That means several things. And it is highly scab resistant. That is what will make it a favorite to commercial growers. You see the most popular varieties today need to be sprayed several times a year to control scab. Every spray application cost money. This new variety, Avalon, is highly resistant to scab. It will be a highly prized variety for those who want just a couple of trees or the grower putting in a new grove. All growers should be prepared for a limited supply this spring.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.