Agri View: What is Going on with NAFTA?

Dan Agri View, Trade

going naftaEverett Griner talks about what is going on with NAFTA, and why, in today’s Agri View.

You know it is hard to understand what is going on with NAFTA. Mexican farmers, Canadian farmers, and American farmers, want to keep it strong, and stable. Our Secretary of Agriculture himself said that the loss of NAFTA could have tragic consequences for all of agriculture. And, he is a farmer himself.

It isn’t that the administration wants to dump NAFTA. They are looking for ways to improve it. But, most of the problem is that fruits and vegetables do not seem to fare well for United States farmers while Mexico is charged with “dumping” some of the same products on American and Canadian markets.

Everybody knows that U.S. farm products are important to the whole world. So, the administration needs to listen to farmers and farm leaders before changing NAFTA.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…