Agri View: GMO Crops Advance

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GMO crops
Everett Griner talks about GMO crops increasing in volume in today’s Agri View.

GMO Crops Advance

The issue of genetically modified crops still generates a lot of negative opinion. In spite the fact that scientific study has found nothing wrong with them. Matter of fact it is conclusive that GMO seed helps growers reduce the volume of water needed to produce a crop. Also the amount of pesticides necessary to protect it. One other thing, genetically modified crops increases production. Most farmers who grow them are convinced that GMO crops reduces the time required to grow the crops. Requires less fuel and generates less wear and tear on their equipment. The logical question then is, why not grow GMO crops? Well farmers are growing them. And the practice will advance, not decline, in coming years. Those opposed might as well accept it. GMO crops are here to stay.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.