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Agri View: Getting Food to the Needy

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needyEverett Griner talks about problems getting the food from the farm to the needy in today’s Agri View.

Getting Food to the Needy

Now, just to be sure you know, there is no food shortage in America. The problem is getting it from the farm to the families who need it. That is the part farmers can’t do. The problem is not restricted to any particular place. But, it is much more prevalent in rural areas than in metropolitan areas. Practically every town in every county has organized programs to get food to needy families. There is WIC, SNAP, and other programs that provide a plan, but, not a lot of results. They don’t reach the levels they are intended to. What I am trying to say is. It is not production. The food is there, but farmers can only grow it. They cannot deliver it. Or, determine where it is supposed to go. That is what SNAP and WIC are supposed to do. They work, but not for everybody. Especially in rural areas.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…