Agri View: Foreign Trade

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foreign trade
Everett Griner talks about who really understands foreign trade in today’s Agri View.

Foreign Trade

Now we all know we have to trade with other countries. It is essential for our own survival. We must export. We must import. It is not the only commodity but agricultural trade tops the list of goods traded. That’s what we know and understand. But the volume of goods bought and sold leaves the average person in a day. Here is what I mean. Follow the 133 billion dollars buy. When you break that down to corn, cotton, feed, poultry. You have little concept of what, and how much, we are shipping overseas. And when the value of the American dollar rises or declines, what impact does that have on how many billions of dollars of American products goes to China, India or even to Canada. So the bottom line is import, export trade is very vital.

But its inner workings have very little meaning to the average citizen.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner