Agri View: Food Labels Confuse People

Dan Agri View

food labelsEverett Griner talks about food labels and why they are so confusing in today’s Agri View.





Consumers all over the world want to know what goes into the food they buy. Those same consumers are confused about some of the things they read. Over 80 percent of those surveyed thought organic meant no pesticides. Most said they thought organic meant the food was more nutritious. Another study shows that most consumers thought that ‘no added hormones’ meant ‘no hormones at all’. Food labels do two things. They do what they are designed to do and what the government allows them to do. Most of what you read on the food label are put there for one purpose. To sell that product. One thing to remember is, purposely putting a false claim on a label is against the law anywhere in the world. But it is a proven fact that some consumers are baffled by some labels. So buy the brand you trust.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…