Agri View: Fishing Threat

Dan Agri View

Everett Griner talks about fishing threatened by Carp in today’s Agri View.

Fishing Threat

Did you know that more people fish than play golf, tennis and basketball all put together? Fishing is one of the oldest sports in America. But fishing is under serious threat.

It’s being overrun by foreign species that have been brought into the country, mostly carp. There are several species of carp now and they all feed on the eggs of domestic breeds. Some carp are tiny and only weigh a few ounces but others can grow up to 200 pounds.

They’ve been found in Canada, Mississippi River and lakes and streams all over the eastern third of the United States. It may well be that commercial fish farming may be the only way to produce fresh water fish. Not to mention that recreational fishing will disappear. And get this, nobody knows how the problem started.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner