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Agri View: Feral Hogs Hitting Hard

Dan Agri View

Everett Griner talks about feral hogs hitting the Southwest hard in today’s Agri View.

You know, we got rid of the buffalo. Why can’t we get rid of the feral hogs?

feral hogsI did a report just a couple of weeks ago about the efforts in the southeast. Well now, let’s take a look at the southwest. Texas in particular. Texas has 254 counties. Feral hogs have been found in every one of them. They have actually been found in some of the largest cities.

They are not only destructive. They are dangerous. They do most of their damage at night. And, if you can’t defend yourself, you don’t want to be anywhere close to them.

I told you before. They will eat anything. They will root up the ground and destroy the land. They like golf courses just as well as they do crop land.

It looks like poison is the best way to control them. But, that could be dangerous. Actually, there is no answer. But, a lot of people are still looking, and trying, and hoping.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…