Agri View: Feeding the Hungry

Dan Agri View

hungryEverett Griner talks about a way to feed the hungry in today’s Agri View.

Now down the street from you, or on the other side of town, is there a family that goes to bed hungry every night? For whatever the reason, they don’t get enough to eat. You know this. But, are you doing anything about it?

Well, one group is. All I will tell you is they are know as Food Rescue. And, it is a growing group. Their efforts are to canvas all kinds of restaurants and they rescue the foods that are left over at closing time. Restaurants can’t use that food the next day. It is nutritious. It is good. And, it is distributed to the families who do not have enough to eat. There is no way to use all of the food they salvage, but it does not go to waste. It is distributed to those who get practically nothing else.

Is there a rescue group like this in your town? Think about it.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…

Food Rescue Locator, a directory of organizations across the United States.

Image credit: Permission granted for use of Food Rescue US logo.