Agri View: Feeding the Hungry

Dan Agri View

feedingEverett Griner talks about the difficulty of feeding the hungry in America in today’s Agri View.

Feeding the Hungry

It has nothing to do with growing it or producing it. It is getting harder to feed people right here at home. Every town, every city, every community, all have programs to try to get food to those that do not have enough to eat. Our government spends millions of dollars to try to prevent people from going hungry.

Now, look at this. There are 40 million families on SNAP. That’s the Supplemental Nutrition Programs. Each family draws about $120.00 (one-hundred twenty dollars) a month. That should provide the means that will avoid hunger. We all know a good portion of that allocation is not used for food. It is sold for cash money, which doesn’t buy food. Of course, it is illegal. We know it happens.

Increasing SNAP money will not solve the problem. Getting a job would.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…