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Agri View: Farming Problems

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farmingEverett Griner talks about the difficulty of farming in today’s Agri View. It is American just like you and me that makes it so hard to be a farmer. There is a reason, but I don’t understand it all.

Farming Problems

meat productionA North Carolina hog farmer was fined $50 million dollars because of some of the displeasure of some of the people near his farm. Yet he operated under every state and federal regulation required.

A community fought vigorously to stop a meat processing plant in Kansas. Even though it would have provided hundreds of good paying jobs in the community.

PesticideThere is a lawsuit somewhere all of the time over farmers spraying their young crops to prevent bugs from destroying them.

It happens all of the time. I have a solution. No more meat processing plants. No more fungicide and insecticides.

Now you will have to process your own meat. The cost of vegetables will be 10 times what they are now.

Well, that is what a lot people are trying to do.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…