Agri View: Farm Workforce

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Everett Griner talks about the declining farm workforce in today’s Agri View.

Farm Workforce

You know agriculture is still the largest industry in this country. It is also one of the most progressive industries. Fewer people producing more of everything. Here are some statistics to support that statement. In 1790 our total population was just under four million people. Farmers made up ninety percent of the work force. Why, a hundred years later the population has grown to two hundred twenty-seven million people. Fifty-seven times as many people. And, farmers in the workforce has fallen to 3.4 percent. It is simple to see that Americans were consuming much greater volume of farm production with just a fraction of the number of producers. The decline was continuous. The farm workforce declining, still does. Every census for a hundred years. It proves that our largest industry is our most progressive.

That’s Agri View for today, I’m Everett Griner.