Agri View: Farm Theme Parks

Dan Agri View, General

farm theme parks-petting zoo
Everett Griner talks about farm theme parks have gone international in today’s Agri View.

Farm Theme Parks

There hasn’t been much in the news about farm theme parks lately. There are still a lot of them out there but growth seems to have tapered off. They are growing in other parts of the world however. The United Kingdom, China and especially Japan. Families are anxious to learn about where there food comes from. They offer this and other kinds of entertainment. Animal exhibits, petting zoos, music and especially tours. Another feature that is very popular is they package and sell food. Some specialize in exhibits of certain animals or a particular vegetable. Bringing the local farmer into contact with people is the objective. This is good for both, operators say. But, do they make a profit? It is surprising how well some do, and some struggle. It is a rapidly growing business. That is what counts.