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Agri View: Farm Bill Work Continues

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farm bill workEverett Griner talks about work continuing on the new Farm Bill in today’s Agri View.

Well, they are working on that new Farm Bill. Nobody is betting it will be done on time. I guess you could say October 1st because the current one runs out on September 30th. The House Ag Committee is working on the bill. Parts of it are ready for the full House. So far, some farmers like what they have seen. Some don’t. That is not unusual.

Funding for a vaccine to control Foot and Mouth disease pleases everybody.

Most corn farmers appear to like what they have seen so far. A few think it doesn’t go far enough.

Soybean farmers simply want a bill passed before the current one runs out. They are very likely going to be disappointed.

On the negative side, the National Young Farmers Coalition doesn’t think the bill produces as much as it should for them.

Oh-hum…the progress continues. Well, we still have until October 1st. We shall see.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…