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Agri View: Chill Hours and Peach Tree Production

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peach treeEverett Griner talks about chill hours and weather needs for good peach tree production in today’s Agri View.

I have heard the term chill hours all of my life. It is referenced to the weather a peach tree needs to produce a good crop. But, what does it mean to the average person?

Well, the chill hours will vary from one geographic region to the next. But it has application wherever the fruit is grown. So, what it means is that a tree needs temperatures of 45 degrees or lower for around 850 hours, between October and February, in order to produce a good crop. It has all to do with keeping the tree dormant until time for it to bloom.

When an orchard fails to get the recommended cool temperatures, that spring crop will be less than the grower anticipates. Smaller in size, fewer in volume.

Chill hours are as vital as any other factor.

Well now you know, I hope.

That’s Agri View for today, I’m Everett Griner…