Agri View: What Chicken Piece do You Prefer

Dan Agri View, Poultry

chickenEverett Griner talks about how you like your chicken in today’s Agri View.

A market chicken is generally cut into four pieces. The back, the breast, thighs, and the drumsticks. Now, you have got your own opinion, but otherwise, what would you consider to be the most popular piece? If you said wings, you are right. Would you want it boneless, or with the bone still in? If you said boneless, you are wrong.

A study shows that most consumers preferred the bone to be left in. Wings are the most frequently ordered piece of chicken in a restaurant, and with the bone in. In fact. the study shows 64 percent of chicken served in restaurants come with the bone. Here is a surprise. You will pay more for the bone than you would if you bought it without.

My question is this. Who has the time, and the money, to do such a study?

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…