Agri View: Our Changing Face

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changingEverett Griner talks about how our world is changing face for the population growth in today’s Agri View.

It is a question that has troubled a lot of people. As the world population continues to grow, will there be enough land to grow enough food in the foreseeable future? Yes.

Geologist have been studying the problem for some time now. The most recent survey map shows the earth has over 5 million acres more than the previous maps have shown. Now this summation is a result of a restudy of the most recent maps.

Those that have studied population growth have told us already that the world population will reach 8 bill within the next 50 years. They said all of the land under cultivation the worldwide food shortage will be a strong possibility. But, these new studies show just the opposite. As the new land is developed, forest and woodlands will disappear and that is going to create a new round of problems.

We will see.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…