Agri View: Caring for Your Pet

Dan Agri View

caringEverett Griner talks about caring for your pet with the proper pet food in today’s Agri View.

Now, here is something I haven’t thought of until just a few days ago. A lot of homes have pets. Mostly dogs and cats. But, caringthere are others. It doesn’t take long for that ‘pet’ to become another member of the family.

A survey by a national pet group says that they are not fed like the rest of the family. Most shoppers take little time to read the label on pet food can. Generally speaking, they are looking for the cheapest price.

What you should do is pay as much attention to the pet food label as you do your own foods. You think about the next time your four-legged friend climbs up in your lap for that friendly hug.

Are you feeding it the cheapest food you can find, or a food that give him, or her, a nourishing, healthy, meal? Huh?

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…