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Agri View: BFTP-The Farm Family Dog

Dan Agri View

family dogEverett Griner first did this one many years ago. Beginning this series of Blast From the Past (BFTP) Agri Views, we thought we would start it off with a favorite of everyone. Everett talks about the farm family dog.

BFTP-The Farm Family Dog

There is at least on trophy or framed certificate in most farm homes awarded for outstanding accomplishments. Many rural young people go to college on scholarships awarded in recognition of special talent and abilities. Cattle win prizes. So do hogs, sheep, even chickens.

I think it is time somebody recognize the most overlooked member of the farm family. The family dog. They herd cattle. They guard property. They protect the children. The do many other important chores around the farm. All they get paid is a pat on the head and a dish of Alpo. Dogs save lives. They alert the owner to danger. They are loyal. They are helpful. They are friendly. What do they get is a pat on the head and a dish of Alpo is all they want. They are underappreciated and taken for granted. They are around maybe 5, 15 years. But when they are gone, the whole family mourns.

A friend of mine buried his old dog recently. Her told me he had no idea how valuable she was until he discovered that 3 teenaged children didn’t so as much work as she did.

That’s Agri View for today, I’m Everett Griner…