Agri View: Avian Flu-No Small Problem

Dan Agri View, Poultry

avian flu
Everett Griner tells us what poultry officials are doing in an attempt to keep back-yard poultry safe from the spread of avian flu in today’s Agri View. Science is likely to find a way to control avian bird flu in the near future. One serious concern is the co-operation of backyard poultry owners. Many who maintain a dozen or fewer laying hens seem to think they do not matter. The fact is so many backyard operations are one of the major concerns in stopping the spread of this devastating disease. The officials have worked out a fairly long list of safety practices that backyard poultry owners may be required, by law, to practice in order to keep their small flock safe. This is necessary because backyard laying flocks are spreading across this country. Some people think the eggs are healthier. Some people think they are cheaper. They may be right, until avian flu strikes.

Avian Flu-No Small Problem