Agri View: Avalon and Scab Resistance

Dan Agri View, Nuts & Grapes

Avalon Pecan scab


Everett Griner talks about the new Avalon pecan being more resistant to scab in today’s Agri View.


Well we are learning more about that new pecan variety that has a lot of commercial growers showing interest now. It is identified as the Avalon.

The difference is something you don’t see. It is a large quality nut. The big difference is it is scab resistant. Scab is a common problem. It is costly to deal with.

Up until now the Desirable variety has been the most commonly grown pecan variety. Now here is the difference. Depending on the weather, the Desirable has to be sprayed 12, 15 maybe 20 times a year. Every spray application cuts into the growers’ profit. The fungicide is costly. The new Avalon variety may not need to be sprayed but a couple of times a year. This is what has captured the attention of prospective growers. So the wait is on.

Whether you are planting a couple of trees or an entire grove. The new name is Avalon.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.