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animal agricultureEverett Griner talks about animal agriculture is still a target in today’s Agri View.

Animal Agriculture

Now the closing of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus was viewed by most people as a bad day for entertainment. But, a lot of people in agriculture saw it as a bad day for animal agriculture. Those close to the situation saw the pleasure of animal rights activists groups who had pressured Ringling Brothers for decades to close that show. The same people have pressured farmers who produce the livestock that transitions to the meat that goes on our tables. Poultry farmers have especially been under fire from these activist rights groups. But, it goes far beyond chicken coops and eggs. Cattle and hog farmers have one objective in raising these animals. To feed us. Not everyone desires to be a vegetarian. Not everyone needs to be a vegetarian. But, animal rights groups would like to see farm animals go the way of circus animals.

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