American grown tea

Agri View: American Grown Tea

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American grown tea


Everett Griner talks about American grown tea on the way in today’s Agri View.



Next to coffee, tea is one of the most consumed beverage in America. Like coffee, most of it is grown in some other country like India or China. Oh there are a few small tea farms in America. Generally less than 100 acres. Not like the 1000 acre American grown teafarms in India and China. Now there is one grower in Oregon is out to prove that tea can be a lucrative crop in America. I think the Willamette Valley is the location of the new farming effort. Tea is grown in a dozen different varieties. Most of us don’t even know what variety we are drinking. Most of don’t care. The prospective grower in Oregon has not indicated what variety he is yet to grow. At least not to the public anyway. They are confident there will be a good market for it. Home grown tea. Isn’t that something?

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.