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Everett Griner talks about how American agriculture began in today’s Agri View.

American Agriculture

Well it is a fact that until the early nineteenth century the majority of the population of this country were farmers. Have you ever wondered what crops they grew? Well, basically the same ones we grow today. The Indians gave us crops like potatoes, corn, tomatoes, tobacco and sugar. Just to name a few. Cattle came from the first Spanish settlers and most or our fruit came with the Europeans. Cotton and tobacco were the main crops produced for export. They remain the principle crops in the southeast where the most of the early farming took place. Crops changed as the Midwest and the Southwest were developed. Wheat and corn were the chief crops in that region. They still are today. Not much has changed. Just a better way to grow crops. Some has changed, most remain the same. Farming is still the number one industry in America.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.