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Agri View: Agricultures Value

Dan Agri View

agriculturesEverett Griner talks about agricultures value to our economy in today’s Agri View.

I noticed just recently I did a report on what agriculture does for the economy of our country. To me it is important that every individual, including school children, be taught, and understand, that those planted fields you see as you drive across your county, or across the whole country, are more than just crops that keep a farmer in business. I have told you that one out of five jobs in America are somehow connected to agriculture.

These are jobs that will not go offshore. Where wages are lower. And, these are jobs that are not connected to any one sector. They are in every state.

One other thing. These jobs should be just as important to our elected officials, both local and in Washington D.C., as they are to people at home.

Is it something you ever think about?

That’s Ageri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…