Agri View: Agriculture Opportunities

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agriculture opportunities
Everett Griner talks about the vast opportunities in agriculture related careers in today’s Agri View.

Agriculture Opportunities

A recent study by a major Midwestern university predicts enrollment in agricultural colleges will expand significantly in the next decade. One reason is young people are learning that there is more to agriculture than producing a crop. There is the vast food industry. There is renewable natural resources, energy and environmental industries that will require an education in agricultural science. And there will be perhaps a half million jobs open to those that attend agricultural colleges. Now the problem. Only a small percentage of our colleges and their college bound students are aware of these opportunities. It is up to the schools and colleges to guide those who are undecided to the rapidly expanding fields of opportunities in agriculture related careers. The future is indeed rich for those who will choose to be a part of agriculture’s future.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner