Agri View: 2017 Farm Census

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farm censusEverett Griner talks about 2017 Farm Census is now underway in today’s Agri View.

2017 Farm Census

Well, it is time for a Census of Agriculture. We do a new census every 5 years. Why so frequently? Well, this is the only source of information, comprehensive and impartial data, which covers every county in the nation. So, who uses it? Well, that would surprise you. It is used by Federal, State, and Local Governments. Agribusinesses, trade groups, educators, researchers, plus farmers themselves. It covers things like production practices, income, expenses, and changes. The census keeps tabs on how many farms, and who operates them. And, it is the only source that does that. The time allotted for the census is 180 days. But, it seldom is done in that allotted time. It may take the rest of the year. But it is worth it. If you are a farmer, make sure you are counted.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…