AgNeTVideo Report: Monterey County Ag Part 2

Taylor Hillman General, Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

Springtails in Salinas Valley
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April is Invasive Pests Month, and in the Salinas Valley, growers are dealing with a few problem pests. We spoke with University of California IPM Entomology Farm Advisor Doctor Shimat Joseph, who says for lettuce growers this year, the big problem is in the soil.

Joseph says right now, little is known about the springtails. He’s collected samples from a lettuce crop that suffered a lot of damage from the pests this year and is studying them to learn more.

So far, he’s not sure what species of springtail he’s dealing with, and has sent samples out for identification. His work with the springtails will help him create a comprehensive plan of action for growers in the area.

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