Ag Safety Awareness Week

Taylor Hillman This Land of Ours

The weeklong events urging respect and safety on the farm. Cathy Isom has more in today’s This Land of Ours.

All week long the U-S Agricultural Safety and Health Centers is joining forces with the National Farm Bureau Federation to promote safety and awareness on the farm, as well urging respect for the safety spaces in and around hazardous farm equipment. For example, how to use caution in such spaces as grain bins, grain wagons, manure pits, tractor seats and livestock flight zones. Accidents can and do happen, all it takes is a split-second, for those who work around these spaces every day. This year’s theme for the weeklong event is called “Get out of my space.”

The U-S Ag Centers have prepared a collection of safety resources for each day of the week. And each day will also have cover a specific safety topic. For more information log on to the web and type in Ag Safety Awareness Week