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U.S. Ag Pays the Price for Trade Disputes

DanIndustry News Release, Trade

The Farmers for Free Trade Group released a report this week that highlights how American farmers and ranchers have paid the price in trade disputes. Consequences usually happen in the form of retaliatory tariffs. The report comes out as the trade disputesTrump Administration makes a final decision on placing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. That would be on top of new tariffs already in place on washing machines and solar panels.

Brian Kuehl, Farmers for Free Trade Executive Director, says it’s important to hold trading partners accountable. However, raising tariffs also comes with harmful unintended consequences. “History shows these consequences are paid for by American farmers,” he says, “in the form of retaliatory tariffs on agriculture exports that farmers rely on to make ends meet. At a time when farm incomes have decreased, while global supply is increasing, it’s important to not take any actions that would result in reducing American agricultural exports.”

The report includes a long list of agricultural products that were targeted during disputes in the last 20 years. A few of the examples included disputes over cross-border trucking, country of origin labeling, and tires. Additionally, the report includes the level of tariffs slapped on American goods by other countries.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.