Ag Equipment Incentives Highlighted at WAPA Annual Meeting

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The Funding Agricultural Replacement Measures for Emission Reductions (FARMER) Program and other incentive programs are poised to receive an increase in funding this year. However, questions remain as to how the final draft of the budget will affect those important programs. At the Western Agricultural Processors Association’s (WAPA) annual meeting, Director of Technical Services, Chris McGlothlin reported some good news for producers looking to apply for incentive funds.

“We’re very encouraged this year to hear that the Governor’s proposed budget is $363 million for the FARMER project, and that’s over two years. We know that a lot of the equipment programs that are made available through the Air District and through ARB are funded through that primarily,” McGlothlin noted. “So, to have that big of an incentive increase is tremendous for these programs.”

The potential for increased funding support is welcome news for the agricultural industry working to achieve emission reduction goals. McGlothlin said that WAPA remains closely involved in the budget process to work towards obtaining the most funding support as possible. As the final budget continues to be developed, several areas of potential funding will be considered.

“The governor’s budget is one avenue. There’s also the Legislature’s proposals, specifically on the Assembly side. The Assembly can put out a proposed budget, as well as the Senate side can put out a proposed budget,” said McGlothlin. “So, there’s a lot of things we have to juggle and follow very closely.”

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Ag Equipment Incentives Highlighted at WAPA Annual Meeting
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