Major Ag Company Meeting Minimum Wage Requirements Early

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A major agriculture company is meeting minimum wage requirements early. The Wonderful Company will usher in the new year by meeting California minimum wage law requirements for 2022, early. The company announced they would meet the  $15.00 an hour requirement starting January 1, 2019. That’s a 36 percent increase for their minimum wage employees. The Wonderful Company Chairman and President Stewart Resnick told ABC News in Bakersfield that their dedicated and hard-working employees are their greatest asset and the reason for their success. Resnick said the move firmly positions The Wonderful Company as the employer of choice in California’s Central Valley, and they encourage others in the agriculture industry to follow their lead.

Minimum wage rates are set to increase January 1 following the minimum wage raise phase-in schedule. For companies with 25 employees and under, the rate increases to $11.00 an hour. For companies with 26 employees or over, the rate increases to $12.00 an hour.

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