AFBF: No Methane Tax on Animals in Reconciliation Bill

Brian GermanRadio Reports, Regulation

The American Farm Bureau Federation, addressing a social media myth, says “the current language of the reconciliation bill does not impose a methane tax on agriculture.” Those words are from AFBF’s Public Affairs Vice President Sam Kieffer, who says the statement seeks to clear up any confusion.

Methane Tax

Kieffer says that over the summer, Farm Bureau economists conducted an analysis, at the request of Congressional committee staff, to determine the potential impact if agriculture were to be included in legislation imposing such a tax. Farm Bureau did so on the formula set forth in legislative proposals that impose a methane tax on the oil and gas sectors.

Kiefer says, “We believe this analysis was informative and helpful in demonstrating that such a tax would have been devastating to agriculture.” Kieffer says Farm Bureau opposes any tax on methane, but “is grateful to lawmakers for recognizing the thin margins in agriculture and that such a tax would undoubtedly put family farms out of business.” Information posted to social media claim the bill included a per-head tax on livestock.

The National Association of Farm Broadcasting and the American Farm Bureau Federation contributed to this report.

AFBF: No Methane Tax on Animals in Reconciliation Bill