ACP Spraying in Tulare, Citrus Program Extended

Taylor Hillman Citrus, General, Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

As spraying in residential citrus trees is set to being in the Tulare County area near Porterville, the California Department of Food and Agriculture extends a citrus protection program. Sabrina Hill has more on both.
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With last month’s discovery of six additional Asian citrus psyllids in the of Porterville, Tulare County and the CDFA are now preparing to spray citrus trees in residential yards for the pest. The Asian citrus Psyllid can carry and spread Huanglongbing disease, which could devastate the citrus industry. So far, the disease has only been found in one tree – and that was in a residence in Southern California. However, with Tulare County being the biggest citrus producer in the state, officials are taking no chances.

Meanwhile, the CDFA has extended the California Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program for an additional four years. The program was created by legislation in 2009, establishing a mechanism for citrus producers to assess themselves to provide support for ongoing efforts to protect against citrus threats such as the Asian citrus psyllid.