Nobody Exempt from ACP Quarantines

Taylor HillmanCitrus, Fruits & Vegetables, Pest Update

ACP Quarantines
ACP quarantines and restrictions that come with them apply to everyone, commercial and residential. Some examples of not following the rules proves the need for more outreach.

Rules Apply to Everyone

Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner Marylin Kinoshita says she has heard examples of citrus movement up the state that makes her shake her head. “I just heard of someone who moved from Southern California that dug up his two citrus trees to plant here without us knowing that,” Kinoshita said.

The precautions that are in place from quarantine protocols aim to protect against the spread of the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) which can carry huanglongbing disease. Kinoshita reminds everyone that these restrictions aren’t just directed at agriculture, and any citrus tree or product falls under those rules. “All of these rules apply to everyone,” Kinoshita says. “Yeah, it might have just been two trees, but that’s two trees in soil. There are soil pests in other parts of the state that we don’t want here. We certainly wouldn’t want somebody from Florida digging up their trees and moving them here. It’s frustrating when I hear things like that.”