AB 1788 Guidance for New SGAR Restrictions

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2021 brings new rules regarding some rodenticide use in urban settings.

Gavin Newsom
California Governor Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1788 (AB-1788) into law back in September. Riverside Agricultural Commissioner Ruben Arroyo said the new bill targets the use of specific rodenticides. “It limits the use of the second-generation anticoagulants within the urban setting,” Arroyo said. “There are some exemptions for agriculture.” Earlier this month, Arroyo said his office was fielding calls from producers about the new restrictions.

The Department of Pesticide Regulations (DPR) issued the guidance that Arroyo said county commissioners have been waiting for. DPR stated Under the amended law, prohibited uses include residential or home uses and most industrial and institutional uses. The guidance gives examples of prohibited uses in many cases including non-production agricultural areas such as man-made structures at cemeteries, golf courses, and parks. 


There is also guidance on how the bill will impact agriculture producers. DPR states that “provided the use sites are listed on the label, use of SGARs within 50 feet of agricultural buildings or agricultural man-made structures on a farm producing agricultural products, such as a poultry or cattle barn or an on-farm grain or hay storage structure, is unaffected.”

As always, each circumstance and location can vary widely. Arroyo said it’s best to contact your local agricultural commissioner if you have concerns.

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AB 1788 Guidance for New SGAR Restrictions
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