Almond Matters: February Means Bloom Time

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bloom time
In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent USA Corporation, February means almond bloom. AgNet West’s Taylor Hillman talked with Valent USA’s Pat Clay a few weeks ago about almond bloom timing.

February usually means bloom time for almonds and this year is looking no different. “If you look at it on a calendar basis, we typically see bloom in mid-to-late February on almond trees,” Valent USA Manager of Field Development Pat Clay said. “I don’t believe that this year will be any exception…Really the only thing that would bring bloom on a little bit earlier is if we start to experience a period of warmer temperatures.”

The wet weather keeps coming to almond producing areas this winter. Temperatures haven’t been too cold to really affect bloom but Clay said growers need to start thinking about issues the rain can cause. “If these storms keep coming…managing diseases that are important during the bloom period could be a big consideration during this growing season,” he said.