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Big Increases in Southern County Crop Report

Taylor Hillman Cattle, Forage Crops

Crop Report
Another California region shows an increase in crop production for 2015 with some big changes for commodities within the southern county’s report.

KXO Radio reports Imperial County saw a gross production value of $1.9 billion. That’s a 3.57 percent increase over 2014 which was at $1.8 billion. Cattle is ranked as the top commodity in Imperial County with a gross value of $44.8 million, a big increase of 28 percent over the year before. That jump was largely caused by a boost in market price to the tune of 24 percent. Head count was up 7 percent. Wheat had an even bigger jump for the county, up 70 percent in harvested acres from 2014. Imperial County also saw a nearly 5 percent increase over 2014 in leaf lettuce, which moved it back into the county’s top five commodities. It ranked at number five for 2015, after hitting at only number 20 in 2014.