Dairy Families Struggling

Taylor Hillman Cattle, Dairy & Livestock, General

Willemina Van GrouwThe face of California dairy farming is changing as a result of the current crisis hitting the industry. Sabrina Hill has more.
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If you visit a dairy in California, you’re likely to find it’s been in the family for years. Dairy farming is often passed down from generation to generation. But the current despair among the dairies in California has some parents giving their children different advice. Rob and Willemina Van Grouw have six kids, and are the owners of Rob Van Grouw Dairy and Elbow Creek Dairy, both in Tulare County. They were part of the recent protest in Sacramento, and say they worry so much about the future of the industry that they want their children to do something else.
Willemina Van Grouw
Photo by Aria Gray/AgNet West