2021 World Ag Expo Officially Canceled Because of Pandemic

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The 2021 World Ag Expo has officially been canceled due to the issues presented by COVID-19.  It will mark the first time the event will not be held since its first official inauguration back in 1968. Marketing Manager for World Ag Expo, Jennifer Fawkes told AgNet West that the cancellation is sad news but could not be helped given the current conditions created by the pandemic.

2021 World Ag Expo
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“This was definitely a tough decision and not one that was ever taken lightly just from a safety and economic standpoint,” said Fawkes. “There was a lot of time spent with local and state health officials looking at what their needs are for the current pandemic, what was going to be realistic and safe for our show, and the timelines that out exhibitors and attendees have for making plans.”

The International Agri-Center Board of Directors conducted months of research and discussion prior to coming to the decision to cancel the 2021 World Ag Expo. Beginning this week World Ag Expo staff will be reaching out to exhibitors to discuss concerns regarding fees and more options for 2021. Fawkes explained that they remain committed to the mission of the World Ag Expo in providing the industry with networking and educational opportunities.

“We know that World Ag Expo, from what everyone tells us about why they’re coming and what they’re looking to do is about researching things in person and networking with everyone that comes to the show,” Fawkes noted. “As we all know right now with COVID-19 those are the things that are being prohibited the most by health and safety officials.”  

Attendees are encouraged to follow World Ag Expo’s various social media channels and stay tuned for future online events and offerings. The 2022 World Ag Expo remains scheduled for February 8-10 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare.

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