2020 Virtual Citrus Stride Brings in Record Donations

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California Citrus Mutual’s (CCM) annual Citrus Stride event was an overwhelming success, despite being held virtually this year. The annual event which took place during the week of October 5 traditionally consists of a one-mile walk in Sacramento around the state capitol. As a result of the significant amount of participation this year the industry will be donating 500,000 pounds of citrus to food banks throughout California.

“We’re very, very pleased with the results of the first-ever virtual Citrus Stride,” said CCM’s Director of Government Affairs Alyssa Houtby. “Of course, due to the pandemic we weren’t able to host the event in person in Sacramento this year, so we did it virtually, which turned out to be a really great success. We raised more fruit donations for the food banks this year than we ever have before.”

Listen to the radio report below.

2020 Virtual Citrus Stride Brings in Record Donations
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