2020 ACP Blowups Manageable for Central Valley

Jim Rogers Pest Update, Radio Reports

Asian citrus psyllid detections in the Central Valley spiked in the wrong direction last year but experts believe that is manageable and expected.


Since 2016, the amount of ACP detections north of the grapevine steadily declined to as low as four in 2019. Last season bucked that trend with 118. “In 2020, things were low all over the valley except for we had a blowup in Kern County again,” Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program Grower Liason Judy Zaninovich said on a virtual conference discussing the matter. 

Because of the low numbers in 2019, the CPDPP cut back on area-wide treatments. Zaninovich said they have gotten some feedback from the industry about if those two are correlated. She believes we should expect flare-ups from time to time and the industry now knows how to manage them. 

Listen to the radio report.

2020 ACP Blowups Manageable for Central Valley
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