2017 Food Trends

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Cathy Isom tells us all about the new flavors, ingredients and food preparations to look forward to on the menus this year. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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A new year means a whole new set of menu ideas for chefs and restaurateurs.

Food-service giant Sysco identified 10 menu trends that may delight and even surprise more than a few palettes. Consumers can expect to see more choices of ethnic offerings, more Southern fare classics. Including a healthier version of fried chicken, and more breakfast options. Especially for anyone getting used to the idea of breakfast for dinner.

We can also expect to see the popularity of fermentation to grow this year, as chefs take the age-old technique in new, more adventurous directions. Vegetables will play a bigger part as the main course. Restaurants will experiment with more bowl concepts including customizable options with proteins, sauces, vegetables and starches. Food and beverages will see some new twists with sour components becoming more menu-friendly. And for dessert, watch out for more so-called “freak shakes” – that could see shakes topped with candies, donuts or ice cream sandwiches.