Call to Action at CAPCA Conference

Brian GermanIndustry, Pest Update

The 43rd Annual California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA) Conference and Agri-Expo took place at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada.  The theme for this year’s meeting was Guardians of the Green, highlighting the role of licensed pest control advisers in continuing the success of California agriculture.

California Farm Bureau Federation President Paul Wenger spoke on the challenges of adapting to changing regulations in California and encouraged cooperation within the agriculture industry. “We see each other as competition, but we’ve got to get past that and we’ve got to work together.  We’re such a minority in the world today and the world is so dependent upon us, we need to work together,” Wenger told AgNet West.

A wide variety of industry experts are covering a multitude of topics centered around the different elements of pest control. Some speakers at the conference are also addressing cannabis cultivation, along with bee health and weed control. Water is another significant issue being discussed at this year’s meeting.


Wenger commented on how beneficial the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act has been for agricultural water supplies, by changing the biological opinions on the Delta smelt. “[It] made it to where you actually have to use science to see if the smelt are being harmed.  If they’re not, we’re pumping the water; and that’s what happened and we have San Luis Reservoir that is full today because of it,” Wenger stated.

Events like the CAPCA conference are integral to keeping the agricultural community engaged and informed on the most pressing issues in the industry. Wenger emphasized the need to participate in industry meetings, understanding the commitment that it can require. “We know you’ve got to go away from your farm, your ranch, or your business to show up to these meetings, but believe me, it will pay dividends down the road,” said Wenger.

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Paul Wenger