2013 California Almond Nursery Sales Report

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The primary objective of the California Almond Nursery Sales Survey is to estimate future almond acres based on the number of almond trees sold for new plantings. This report summarizes data supplied by California nurseries throughout the State who sold to almond growers for commercial plantings. Results from this survey will be used in conjunction with the Almond Acreage Survey to estimate the almond acres in California.


Questionnaires were mailed to all known almond nurseries in California and responses were received from 8 out of 10 operations. The nurseries were asked to report the total number of almond trees sold for commercial plantings and the total number of Nonpareil variety sold. They were also asked to report the percent of the trees sold for new almond orchards, for replanting an existing orchard, or to replace trees within an already existing almond orchard. The totals are only for those nurseries that reported. Acres planted were calculated using the reported number of trees sold, along with the trees per acre from the Almond Acreage Survey.


The USDA, NASS Pacific Regional Office, California sincerely appreciates the nurseries for providing the information. A special thanks is due to the Almond Board of California for providing funding and support for this special Almond Nursery Sales Survey.


There were at least 8.33 million almond trees sold by California nurseries since July 1, 2013. This represents a 25 percent increase from those sold a year earlier. Of those sold since July 1, 2013, 72 percent were used for new plantings, 24 percent were used to replant an already existing almond orchard and 4 percent were used to replace trees within existing orchards.

Based on a new planting average of 125 trees per acre per the Almond Acreage Survey, almost 67,000 acres of almonds have been planted since the middle of 2013. Over 26,000 of these acres were to Nonpareils. Almost 72 percent of the total trees sold (48,000 acres) are new almond orchard acres and almost 24 percent (16,000 acres) replace existing orchards. The remaining trees sold replaced trees in already existing orchards.

The full report can be read here. (.pdf)