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Everett Griner talks about California drenched buy much needed rain in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

weather unusual storm
Everett Griner talks about storm destroying 115 year old trees in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

El Nino
Tropical waters in the Pacific Ocean are said to be warming at an increasingly substantial rate, leading some to believe the time it will take for another round of El Nino appears to be getting shorter and shorter. Continue reading

Strong storms during the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend flooded farm fields, caused several dairy farms to relocate their animals and brought other impacts on California farms and ranches. The storms also added more water to an already overtaxed system, and led to renewed calls to modernize the system.

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Botryosphaeria concerns
All of the rain this winter is a welcomed sight, but it also brings back some serious botryosphaeria concerns growers haven’t seen in a while. Continue reading

California Rain
This weekend’s rains in Southern California – potentially the area’s largest rain event this decade – have potential to both improve water supplies and create flash flooding events. Rod Bain has the story.

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Storage projects
The uncommon wet weather continues in California. The excessive precipitation shows the need for more water storage, and citrus leaders say progress on projects is necessary. Continue reading

weather changes
Everett Griner talks about another opinion on weather changes in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

Chill hours
Calculating chill hours for pistachio trees has become more challenging as “normal” seasonal weather is changing. The warmer, wet winter in California may be complicating the issue even more. Continue reading

global temperatures
Scientists say if global temperatures continue to rise, the United States faces big drops in harvests of major food crops by 2100. Continue reading

Sometimes, it takes a dry sense of humor to deal with a years-long drought—especially when you’ve watched a wave of storms hammer Northern California and realize your end of the state is missing out. “Better rain dances” is what Ken Doty said he’d need to alleviate the parched conditions at his Goleta orchards, where he grows avocados and citrus.
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citrus harvest
California received an uncommon amount of precipitation the first half of January, and more is expected. Citrus leaders said the rain hasn’t put a damper on harvest, and this season is looking good for the industry. Continue reading

Drenching Rains
January has brought drenching rains to a majority of California. Some areas have seen four times the historical precipitation average. The recent storms are putting a dent in the state’s prolonged drought, but experts say more rain is probably needed. Continue reading

bad weather above the white flowers field
Everett Griner talks about long range weather forecasting in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

California Cherries
2016 was a bad year for California cherries, but industry leaders say it was actually the best season in the last several years. Late spring rains and low chilling hours are the reasons for the unfortunate streak. The California Cherry Board hopes the colder temperatures will make this year a success. Continue reading

Reservoir Replenishment
Although some areas of the West have seen more rain than snow this wet season, the effect has been positive for the region’s water reservoirs. Rod Bain as the story.

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la forecast
Everett Griner talks about just exactly how accurate the La Niña forecast was in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey, discusses the condition of mountain snowpack totals in the West over the last three months.

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There could be agricultural implications if current forecasts for La Nina turn out to be true.

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western climate change
Three governors representing western U.S. states have vowed to move forward with efforts to fight climate change regardless of how the incoming Donald Trump administration treats the issue. Continue reading

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